The built environment includes everything that is man-made and is used by humans for their daily lives. this includes buildings, houses, office buildings and even trees that are planted on the sides of the roads and in neighbourhoods. It is essential that the built environment is designed in a specific way to ensure that residents get a quality life and that their quality-of-life is not impacted in a negative way. To ensure this, it is essential that trees are planted around most places; it is not necessary that only trees are planted but other green plants can also be granted to give an eco-friendlier environment. Trees and plants not only provide oxygen but they also no reduce pollution, some studies have also found a positive link between mental well-being and the presence of green spaces in an environment. This means that more green spaces would ultimately mean that there will be a positive impact on the mental well-being of the people that are present in that environment.

Interference of Trees in the Built Environment

Trees are living things and they often grow throughout their lifetime; this means that sometimes they interfere with certain aspects of the built environment such as electricity wires and buried utility services. Trees can grow to heights where they can interfere with overhead electricity cables; this can lead to dangerous situations being created such as wires being disconnected or in various cases, short circuits being created. In both these cases, there is a potential for fire to be started which can have devastating impact on the neighbourhood and the residents that live there. a similar impact can also be made on buried services such as pipes and sewage lines. This is especially the case for tree removals in Perth which have very wide root networks. Trees have very strong roots which can have tremendous force, these roots can infiltrate pipes and in certain cases they can lead to ruptures in pipes. This means that they can be potential for water and sewage loss which can pollute the ground or cut off the water supply to many homes in the neighbourhood.

To avoid these situations in the built environment, arborist services need to be considered. Arborists are professionals who are trained in caring for trees which includes pruning trees, removing trees and even maintaining the health of the trees. Their services are needed to ensure that trees do not interfere with some of the most essential parts of the built environment. Visit for stump grinding.

Since trees are living beings, there is a moral and ethical obligation on us to ensure that any operation done on them is humane and done in a correct manner. this essentially means that services of an arborist which is experienced should be considered as they have the necessary experience to ensure that they can work on the tree in the most humane way possible. At urban tree lopping, we have extensive experience while dealing with trees within the built environment and in homes. We ensure that the trees get the best care that that is possible and if he needs to be removed, we make sure that it is removed in the most efficient way possible; a way which minimises the damage to the tree and to the environment surrounding it.